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In our relationship with God, trust is essential. Psalm 125 illustrates the great benefit of trusting in the Lord. So glad you stopped by today! We hope that the Lord uses His Word to communicate more about Himself to you. Here are the notes and guide if you would like them to follow along: Click Here

Psalm 124 brings us to the next step on our Road Back. This Psalm of Ascents proclaims the condition that the LORD is on the side of Israel and how they have been spared because of it. There is firm testimony of this for the believer today when we read in the New Testament. Thanks for stopping by. I hope that the Psalm brings to you a greater sense of the Lord's presence on the road today.

Study Guide.

Psalm 123 A Playlist for the Road Back. Our midweek Bible study takes us to Psalm 123. With the number "123" it should be easy but it is not. However, in 4 verses we find such help in a day like today. We need mercy. We need our Mighty God. Study Guide.

In our series on the Psalms of Ascents "A Playlist for the Road Back" we come to Psalm 122. It is a Psalm about arriving in Jerusalem. It is about joy and peace as well. Take some time today and read Psalm 122 and allow the Lord to speak and work through this Scripture. If you would like to follow along with the study guide it can be found here: Study Guide

Thanks for joining us on the "road back".

Psalm 121: Thanks for joining us for this midweek Bible study in our series "The Psalms of Ascents: A Playlist for the Road Back" from Psalm 121. The study guide can be found at the following link: Study Guide