Finding Your Roots – Rev. John McCready – 12/1/2019

Finding Your Roots
Matthew 1:1-2

Romans 11:17-24

1. The Genesis of Jesus v.1 (Geneseus)
A. The Beginning
B. Jesus Christ – Jesus the Messiah
C. Son of David
D. Son of Abraham

2. The Promise to Abram (Abraham)
Genesis 12:1-4
A. A Great Nation
B. Blessing
C. Obedience (1, 4) 75 years old!
D. No son yet

3. The Obedience of Abraham
A. A Treaty – Genesis 15
B. The LORD will accomplish it
Isaiah 46:9-10

1. Do you know that you are a part of Abraham’s family? How can this perspective help you to read what we call the Old Testament?
2. God’s truth and promise are for all who will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. In a world that does not believe in truth, allow this fact to sink in. Think on this fact this week. God’s promise to Abraham has been fulfilled through Christ in you.

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